Dental Care at Frutos de Fe Community Clinic

Before I tell you the story, please close your eyes and join me in THANKSGIVING to God for the blessings
we received this month at the clinic.

It has been the dream of many of us to have the dental clinic openand running, serving the community. This month we gave the first step in this direction, and we saw the hand of God directing us every step of the way.
I want to introduce you to the characters of this story. It began with Pastor Eduardo, a local pastor who introduced me to Pedro & Irene, a korean couple who serve as missionaries and recently moved to San Pedro.
Their mission is to create a network of local health professionals willing to serve in areas of great need. Through them, I met Daniel and Patty, 2 young dentists, that belong to this network. Daniel is the coordinator of volunteer professionals from the San Carlos University. Patty is specializing as a pediatric dentist. They both fell in love with the clinic when they first came to visit. Who wouldn’t? We have the most beautiful setting in San Pedro, without a doubt.

We also had the blessing of doing a dental clinic outreach in a little town in the south of the country. Ifmedical care is scarce in some areas of the country, imagine dental care! Many were greatly blessed!

The plan is to have them come on a regular basis to treat patients in extreme need targeted through the clinic or in the community. As for the kids, the plan is to bring the 7-year-old kids from the public schools to protect their new teeth coming out.
This is HUGE in the history of our ministry, and we depend totally on God’s provision for our plans.
In my short walk as a missionary, I have seen the Lord walking with us in the expanding of the
ministry and my heart rejoices with the smiles of the people who receive this gifts from heaven.
Thank you, all of you, who have supported Proyecto Fe through the years, to the new supporters,
and to the ones to come.

May God bless you and may your hearts rejoice in Him!

Dr. Luz Elena Falla
Medical Ministry Proyecto Fe, Guatemala

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