God purpose driven life; this was the main title for the camp that took place on June 3rd and 4th. With some of the teachers of the Sunday School program from the mountains in the cold land. We worked with around 35 teachers.

The activity started with our trainer Elena Rocche, better known as the “little giant” welcoming the teachers who came for the training.  She taught the workshops about “How to teach a Bible story for children”, the main purpose of these workshops was the good use of voice, mimics and attention drawing techniques for children.  A very important thing that was discussed that day was the need to have an application for their lives when giving a Bible story.

At this camp the teachers learned new choreographies and fun games directed by David Gonzalez, by the end of the camp we could see that the teachers learned all the steps of the choreographies well.  Something else that they learned was that for them to do fun and creative games they don’t need a big budget.

They also had the opportunity to hear about God’s real purpose for their lives, they were challenged to be true disciples of Christ and not just followers.  It was a good reflection time for them because they understood that to be effective they not only have to be good in what they do with their students every Sunday but also to be living testimonies for the edification and to make an impact in these little ones.  For the bonfire moment on Saturday evening, brother Urias Gonzalez directed them in a moment of reflection and worship.  Many of them Expressed how they felt that God is touching their lives, at the end of it, all of them made a commitment to continue to serve the Lord in this great work with the children.

Something that the teachers enjoyed was a workshop of how to include puppets in their Sunday school classes, this complete workshop was given by Gaby Cotto.  The teachers learned how to make color paper puppets, sock puppets and paper bag puppets.  At the end of this workshop that lasted for about 6 hours, they had the chance to practice with their puppets.  They were divided in teams and each team presented a 5-minute sketch.  It was amazing to see how in two days and with lots of imagination they presented such fun and message-filled sketches.  The main purpose of these activities and workshops is to teach them that the greatest asset that the teachers have in their classes is their student’s imagination.

We give thanks to God and to you for always being willing to support this great mountain ministry. We give all glory and honor to our God.

Jorge Cotto.


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