Mission Accomplished

Missions will always be something that as Christians we cherish so much in our hearts.   It is closely related to our internal call, which gives us the assurance of being chosen to work in God’s kingdom. It does not matter where, when, why or for whom, but we all always love the Spirit behind a mission. It has to be God’s Spirit who leads us so His Will is done.  Everybody gets a part of the fruits.  The giver, the intermediary, the receiver, the observer.  There is always a God’s mission going on… and there is so much to rejoice when we discover we are part of it. 

The Dental team came with their souls filled of expectations, as was the case for the new ones, also memories for the “old” ones and dreams coming true for all. Even though we couldn’t perceive what was happening behind the scenes, we all know that God was working.  Fear for unexpected health issues, change in schedules, new routes, new sponsorships, new and old friends, God was in control.  Our minds, plans and hands are so limited but His are not.  Every relationship that took place was filled with the presence of God manifested in many ways. Tears and laughs, uncertainty and certainty, health and illness, working or resting, the Lord was in the middle of the mission.  

The medical ministry of Proyecto Fe is made by the hearts of people that want to serve God with their skills.  Every trip is an amazing experience of love and camaraderie and 
the blessings flow everywhere.  We pray that the Lord will open up doors, so we can expand these blessings to other people in need.  “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field”.

( Luke 10:2 )

As we celebrate Easter, let’s lift our hearts in gratitude to our Savior who has given us eternal life and a heart to seek after Him so we can share the good news with the people we serve to honor the Great Commission we are on. 

God bless, 
Luz Elena