One of the Colegio Bethel traditions is the Bethel Princess Election.  She represents the values and she is a role model of a Bethel School student.

This year three students ran as candidates, one for each educational level.  For Elementary: Jony Petzey from 6th grade, for Junior High: Nelly Velásquez from 8th grade, for Highschool: Daylan Pur who is in her first year of high school with a specialization in medicine.

Each one of the candidates is elected according to their academic level, their testimony as Christians, and their moral values, this is with the purpose of electing a representative that reflects the values needed for this position in the best way.

The activity started with the presentation of the three candidates using their school uniform, it is not out of line to say that the candidates had the support of their classmates to prepare cheers, choreographies and prepare the entrance that made of this presentation a true show.

In the first part of the program Pastor Emilio was responsible to ask each one of the candidates what it meant to be an agent of change in San Pedro la Laguna and how they could act as agents of change in their community.

During the second part the candidates wore their traditional outfits, where they also showed us traditional dances and some of the Mayan traditions.

Also, during this part of the program Hermana Ester asked the candidates, how would they act if someone pressure them to have intercourse before marriage? It was a great blessing to all of those there to hear the answers that the candidates gave, the three of them agreed that we are called to wait until marriage and to practice self-control in order to be change agents.


And to end the program, the candidates captivated us with their gala gowns, showing their versatility. In this part of the program Pam Chevalier was responsible for asking the candidates about how an agent of change should act if someone asked them to cheat on a test.  The three of them showed with their answers that to be true agents of change,  it is important not only to act with honesty in front of others but to be honest when no one is watching us.

It was a blessed activity where all in the school had the opportunity to get to know the candidates better.  This activity is so important because in the following days each of the students need to vote for their favorite candidate to take the position of Bethel Princess 2017.

Thank you, beloved sponsors, for supporting each one of these kids, with this activity it is thought that real beauty is not only external, but true beauty is shown in the way we act and think before everyone else and above all, before God.