A Word From our President

Greetings Proyecto Fe Family,

I pray all of you are fairing well in the current Covid-19 pandemic.  It seems that many things will change permanently even after the threat of the virus is gone.  Crazy Times!!  Whatever the change is,  we know that God is in control and this is no surprise to Him.  Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!!

I wanted to thank all of our supporters.  I know that times are tough for all of us at PF in Alaska and Guatemala, and all the children of Colegio Bethel appreciate your continued generosity and support.  

Several things of note since the last newsletter………so here goes.

As many of you may or may not know,  Emily Arrow and her husband, Jon,  have been lead to go into full-time ministry.  They will be going to an intensive missionary training program in Mexico for 10 months, then relying on the Lord to give them further direction.  Emily has done an incredible job at PF and changes lives everyday.  We will miss you, Emily!  Thank you, Thank you,  Thank you!

On the flip side, thank you,  Lord, Gaby Cotto has stepped up and taken over most of Emily’s work.  We thank you so much,  Gaby,  for your heart for the people of Guatemala and everything you bring to PF.    Gaby will be your contact at PF and has been with PF for a very long time bringing knowledge of Guatemala, PF Alaska, and understanding of the customs of the Guatemalan people.  Thank you, Gaby! 

Denise Landrum has also returned to PF!  Denise will be taking care of most everything that has to do with mission trips.  Denise brings a long understanding of PF, a heart for ministry, and knowledge of what it takes to organize a mission trip.  Welcome back, Denise!  

Leo Masters has stepped down from the board after 3 years.  Leo has decided that he is going to continue his education and study for his Masters (lol sorry couldn’t help myself).  We will miss Leo’s calming effect and insightful thinking. We will be praying for him and his family as he begins school.  

A big thank you for everyone that donated to the Covid-19 Campaign.  With your donations, we are purchasing and delivering about 9000# of basic food to be distributed to about 40 mountain churches.  Big thanks to Bernardo and Carla, in Guatemala, for organizing this.  

Again, I personally want to thank all of you. Thanks to all our supporters,  thanks to our exceptional staff and thank you Board of Directors.  

Praying for God’s continued direction for Proyecto Fe!