Thursday, April 8th. At least 8 fisherman in their small wooden boats and twice as many ducks bobbing their heads in and out of the water are out on Lake Atitlan as the sun comes up this morning.  The water in the morning is so serene.  In contrast, the wind comes up in the evenings and creates choppy seas that beat on the shore that lull us to sleep at night.

The day ahead of us was work filled. So after filling up on a breakfast of French toast, bacon, and fruit we dived into our work day. Painting continued, the clinic rooms were being washed down from ceiling to floor, landscaping was taking shape, trash piles became smaller, the supplies and extra equipment were being cleaned up, the last of the cookies were baked, and the wall at Ruth’s house was being completed.

Late in the afternoon, we went into six of the junior and senior high classes. We spent a few minutes in each class encouraging the students to be the generation in Guatemala that lives wholeheartedly for the Lord and giving out gifts and candy that we had brought for them. After dinner and our evening time of devotion, our team spent time singing praise and worship songs together. We are so blessed to be able to give the gift of work in Jesus’ name. 

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