Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ from the Proyecto Fe family,

Is a joy and a blessing to share with you what God is doing here, at the Bethel school, in Guatemala.  It is good that you know about this because all of this is possible thanks to God’s help through you.

First, I want to share with you that each year the Guatemala government through the Education Ministry performs an educational assessment to all the students who are in the last year of high school.  Meaning all the students who will graduate.

This assessment is specifically for the math and language areas with the purpose of learning the level in which the students who are graduating are to face the work force and to go in to University.

After this assessment, the nationwide results are provided by publishing them in the main written media and are also subject of study by the Ministry of Education.

Honestly, these results leave a lot to be desire putting in evidence that the best results come from those most prestigious and most expensive schools in Guatemala City.

But, To God’s glory, the year before last our school was placed in a very good position in this ranking and last year was much better.  We took the first place in our region and the 14th place nationwide.  The total of schools who underwent the assessment was 3,985.

So, based in those results we give praise and glory to God because we recognize that all knowledge and intelligence comes from Him.

We also recognize the arduous work of the teachers and specially the principal of that educational level, Benjamin Battz, who has set himself the goal to bring the students to a higher academic level and in this way, have graduating students who have better work and admission chances at the university.

It is not out of place to share with you that from the Sololá department, Benjamin was asked to address all the principals of the department to share with them how he achieve this.  To God be the glory.

We hope in God to also bring up the academic level in elementary and junior high school although there is no nationwide assessment for these levels but with the purpose that they are prepared for life and to be admitted at the school of their choosing and the career path of their preference.

Another thing that I want to share with you is that, due to the financial need that our school is going through, we have organized different activities to raise funds. Some of them have been: “Pizza Night”, “BBQ night”, “Taco Night”, “Movie Night”, and the last one with the enormous support from the Cornerstone Church youth team, our great “Family Fun Festival”. These, thanks to the enthusiasm and ideas from Pamela and the work of all the directors, teachers and kitchen staff.  In this way we have been successful and raise a great help though we didn’t raise the full amount of what we need but little by little we are helping.

In the same way, I want to share with you that thanks to Pastor Pat and Gail Hadley’s visit, all the school personnel was blessed with a week of Bible study and ministration, we got together every evening for that purpose and like we did, many of the students from all levels had the chance to receive counseling from them.  Even the women from Bethel Church received Word from God from our sister in Christ Gail Hadley.  God is good.

So, Brothers and sisters of the Proyecto Fe family, thank you for your great support and your prayers, your work for the Lord and His saints is not in vain.

With all my gratitude and love,