Cornerstone February 2020 Team Update 3

For two days I had the honor of teaching English to the seventh- through ninth-graders at Colegio Bethel School.

The students performed short skits about sports to help them review their lessons from the past few weeks. The students were kind, respectful, and focused — most of the time. They asked good questions, and seemed to value the extraordinary opportunity they have been given. 

Colegio Bethel School can be likened to a spiritual fortress that seeks to protect the students from dark forces. The students know they are loved and accepted by the teachers and staff. There are more hugs  given here than any place on Earth! It is an oasis of love.

During my two days of teaching, I was touched when the students applauded at the end of class. I experienced another special moment when a young girl summoned up the courage to speak in front of the class even though a staff member warned me she wouldn’t do it. I am convinced God helped her overcome her fear. I am thankful I was able to be part of it. 
Ray Voley