Dear Sponsors,

This is Pamela, in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala.  I am writing to you because of the ongoing need we have at Colegio Bethel regarding school uniforms.  In the next few minutes I want to share with you our purpose for using uniforms, the annual need we have in continuing to provide them and finally to ask if you can help.  I trust that you all know I don’t take for granted all the effort and heart that you put forth helping to provide for the needs of the students here. 

As many of you have heard me express at the annual Proyecto Fe auctions, school uniforms at Colegio Bethel are a vital tool used in the education of our students.  First, they are a tool used to equalize the students; helping them to accept each other and at the same time providing a healthy environment for teaching them that their identity is not wrapped up in the clothes they wear and that their value does not come from the economic level of their household – their identity and value come from GOD.   Second, they are a tool that helps with safety and security of the students when we participate in activities outside of school, such as field trips, sporting events and different types of competitions – teachers can easily spot students in a crowd and stray students can more easily find their classmates.   And Thirdly, they are a tool that helps transition the students in the use of clothing other than their traditional indigenous outfit, lessening the negative affect that has on them when they are forced to make that change outside of their village for higher education or for work.

The students of Colegio Bethel have their daily uniform including socks, shoes and belts, as well as their weekly gym uniform.  The average yearly cost to have these uniforms available for all the students of Colegio Bethel is:  $15,532.00.  $9,411.00 of this total cost is raised through parent contribution and a special donor in Guatemala.  The remaining $6,121.00 is what I am asking you to help me with.  I realize that receiving this request amidst the COVID 19 crisis the world is in could be a bit hard to take; if you are unable to help financially, please pray that this little note would reach those who can.  If you can help, know that you are contributing not only towards clothing used in their education but at the same time investing in the spiritual growth of their lives.  Giving in a time when it is most difficult for you makes a huge impact in the lives of those who have so little.  My heart is blessed because you partner with us in prayer and in giving. 

With much love, Pamela