As many of you know, Colegio Bethel doesn’t only work hard day after day to give  high quality of education along with the knowledge of the Word of God.  Colegio Bethel is convinced that creating happy moments in the life of its children is important and even more so when those moments are shared with family.

This is the reason that once a year Colegio Bethel celebrates Family Fun Day, where all the students from the school come with their family to share together the fun games, food, activities, music, raffles, extreme sports and many more things.

This year was no exception! On Friday, June 23rd, this great activity took place, where the teachers, the administration and the personnel of the school and each one of those who are part of the school worked together as a team to prepare everything for this day.

The doors opened at 9:00 am but at 8:45 you could see a long line of people waiting to get in and enjoy the festival. Everyone was amazed at all the games that were ready for them.  The first place they visited was the Bethel Bank where they exchanged their money for tickets to use at every game.

The children enjoyed so much of the games such as “The Race track”, “Bowling”, “Bottle Ring Toss”, “Toss Coin Plate”, “Finding Nemo”, “Bullseye Darts” and many more.  One of the favorite games for young and old was “Dump Bucket” because in that game they have the chance to get a classmate or in some occasions their teachers or principals wet.


For the girls, there was also a lot of fun because the Junior High girls had a beauty salon where the girls had the opportunity to get a manicure and have their makeup and hair done.  The youngest ones had the opportunity to show unique designs because there was also a face painting stand.

For those who like extreme games, this year we couldn’t miss the “Rapel” game where big and small showed their courage by jumping 14 meters high and for those who like to relax, they were able to do that by asking for a turn on the massage table.  You could see many parents who enjoyed a very well deserved relaxation time.


And what would any celebration be if you can’t keep the memory forever? That’s why this year there was also family photo stand so they could take the memory of this special day with them.

We can’t forget about one of the greatest enjoyments that everyone had in this festival and that was the food, everything from popcorn to a delicious lunch.

It was a day were everybody, absolutely everybody went home with a smile on their face.  We give thanks to God because this is thanks to His support and the support from all the sponsors that make it possible for us to do all these activities for the children.  All the funds earned this day will be used for more activities for the benefit of the Colegio Bethel, God bless you greatly.