February Team – Awaken Church – Update #4

Day #4

Early day today.   We needed to be at the school in time for the devotions for the little ones.   We got there just before they opened the main door so the street was filled with little uniforms.  What a huggy little bunch.  They just seem to want to soak up love from us.

The presentation was a joy.  All those little faces looking up at us from the yard, singing and praying.  I was also surprised how they could remember our names so fast.  The pastor would forget, or at least he acted like he did, when he got far down the line.  But there were always at least some that remembered each name from one end of the chairs to the other.

I had the pleasure of having two little boys standing just in front of me.  They were maybe second grade.  As they sang one poked the other.  Then the other made a face and got poked again.  So then he gives an elbow.  They were clapping during all this and singing and poking.  They noticed me watching them and stopped.  It was not a mean thing, just two little boys playing but not getting too far from what they were there for.  We were asked to sing one of our songs to the children, which we did.  I caught the eyes of the two little boys and pretended to poke my elbow into Lynn next to me.  They had big smiles over that.

We worked very hard today and got far along on our projects.  One of mine is to help build a shelf unit for the tools at the end of the building.  As I said, it was good hard work but not that hard.  I am very sore this evening.  My legs are sore, my back, my shoulders.  During dinner I was thinking about being so stiff from what should not be a result of that amount of work.  Then I remembered…

Tom had asked me to go over to the play house area and see if they had an extra hammer.  Just as I approached, a whole group was let out to play in the lower play area.  Several of them ran on to get hugs from those working on the play house, instead of going into the play area.  The teacher was calling them and saying no, they must come.  The workers did not realize so I walked over to tell them.  I was leading about 10-15 back to the right area and “flew” a couple down the stairs.  Then they lined up at the top to jump into my arms from the top step.  I saw I was in trouble so I said “uno” and held up my finger to say I will do it one time each.  But the line never ended and I knew there were not that many in that area.  I guessed the others saw and ran over to join (others watching confirmed this for me later).  But I noticed one little girl had a chili stain from breakfast and she was in my arms about every fourth time.  When I caught on she laughed, as did all the others that had been getting right back in line (also confirmed and laughed about by those watching).

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I begged away from that and put them in Tom’s direction, as he had come to find out what was taking me so long.  As I walked by the trees in front of the house, making my escape, there was a little boy playing on the ledge.  He wanted a hug and I gave him one and picked him up and put his head in the lower leaves.  Big mistake.  It all started over again.  I was dripping sweat and to the point I could hardly lift another child.  I finally said no more and went to get water.  One little girl came up behind me at the fountain and touched my leg, saying something I missed.  I thought she wanted to be “flown” as well.  I asked her “to fly” and she shook her head and said in English “Please hug me”  What a sweetheart!

After lunch we were a part of the devotions for the older children.  Poor kids, they had to sit with the sun directly in their eyes.  They prayed and sang and received a message from Jorge, the spiritual leader for that group.  We were introduced to them and welcomed.  A very well behaved group of teens.  Not the same experience as with the little ones but just as enjoyable as the other one.

We had our devotions this evening and used that time to tell about our home visits.  Very different but all very much the same in ways.  Everyone felt they were completely welcome and that the families truly were happy that we visited them and most importantly that we prayed with them and for them.

I hope to get my project done tomorrow and see the difference it makes in that area.  It should do a lot to help keep it organized.  We are building shelves over 10 feet high with room under for ground storage and two large shelves topped by a small one.  The unit is about 11 feet long.  On the rest of the wall we plan to draw pictures of the ladders and a few other things that will hang on the wall there, just before the steps going up to the ball court.  That way, each ladder or other large tool will have a spot that is draw on the wall so it is easy to see where it goes back.  Then on to maybe fixing the wifi.  I hope.