On Sunday we did home visits, Pastor B split us up in to groups. The group I was in had Kelsey, Megan, Mrs. Sutter, Noah. And when we met our guide he was wearing a superman shirt and his name was Juan. The first house we went to no one was home.

At the second home there was a little boy like Zachary. We sat down and when the family came out there was the mom and the daughter and the little boy. His name was Emmanuel. (I only remember the little boy’s name.) The daughter was the previous princess. She knew how to motorbike and that was what Emmanuel wanted to do. When he said that he was looking at Noah’s pictures of his family and Mrs. Sutter pulled out her pictures of her family dirt biking and when Emmanuel saw that he like shoved the other pictures away.  He asked questions for like 10minuets. The prayer request was that Emmanuel would grow in his faith and don’t remember the one for her daughter.

When we left that house at the third house there was a mom a 6th grade boy and a 5yr girl she was a single mom. She used to own a restaurant that the teams used to eat there. She now owns a laundry business. Her request for prayer was that she would have the opportunity to take her kids to the United States so they could learn more.

That night pastor B for bible study was soak in God’s word and to read and apply it. He asked that we act like a sponge and to be immersed in His word.  He asked us some questions: Do I desire to soak in God’s word? , What keeps me from soaking in God’s word? , and What is the scripture teaching me ? He gave us a acrostic.

Scripture, for to read the bible                                                                                                                                                                 Observe, to observe it

Apply, to use it in our everyday lives

Pray, and to talk to God about it.

– Denali McCaslin

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