Medical Clinic Update May 2022

HELLO!!!! It is good to be back to our almost normal activities, with our hearts filled with gratitude and enjoying a post pandemic era with great expectations about how to better serve The Lord. 

The number of patients attending the clinic has increased substantially.  New viruses with severe symptomatology are coming along with the rainy season.  Gastrointestinal and respiratory issues are the daily complaint, a lot of the patients requiring rehydration and nebulizations due to low oxygen level. The clinic is a perfect place where we can share the love of Christ with all our patients.

Last October, during the annual Auction, there were special funds dedicated to a program we called ADOPT A PATIENT.  It has been a blessing to some patients needing further diagnostic tests out of San Pedro, who had been able to get the surgeries and major treatments needed.  Thank you to all who have donated for this purpose, which has been a relief to many in need of medical care.

We also have Dr. Jullissa, Colegio Bethel alumni, coming to the clinic to help with some of the commitments we have.  It is a real joy to have her and it is good to see young doctors getting involved with their own community.   Another great news is the start of the dental clinic.  We have a new pediatric dentist helping with patients at a more affordable cost.  We need your prayers for this new program to be blessed as the medical clinic has been.

Yet, the best time of the month is the visit to the mountain villages. David brings an evangelistic program as well. It brings so much joy to be able to provide medical care to those who live in such precarious conditions, but whom have such faith that constantly teaches us what humbleness and gratitude is all about. It is such a joy!

Thanks to all of you, who are out there, reading this update and praying for the medical ministry.
Let The Lord unite us in one heart and one spirit to serve Him with all our strength.

Luz Elena