The Joy of Volunteering

It was a real joy to be part of an activity organized by a dear Korean couple, Pedro and Irene. He is an Engineer and an Acupuncturist licensed in California, and she is a licensed Medical Assistant and a Pastor. Both have a huge heart and a special love for Guatemalans and work with Mercy Trucks International and with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

They have been working on creating a group of Guatemalan health professionals who want to volunteer their time to serve their own people. They have been doing this for over 3 years in different areas of Guatemala and now they have a pool of many volunteers willing to go wherever they are needed. They have General Practitioners, OBGYN doctors, Pediatricians, Dentists, Physical therapists, Acupuncture, Clinical Psychologists.  They provide medications, reading glasses and other basic needs like food baskets.  They do this through a local Church, and everybody gets a prayer and a blessing from the Pastor. The youth of the churches help with logistics and the clerical work.

I was very blessed to be a part of this activity this month. On this occasion they were treating special needs children and their families whom are part of an organization called “Somos Hijos del Lago” (We are Children of the Lake).  This organization is supported by the local Municipality and by the donations of others who want to bless the children.  It was very nice to see many people coming together to help and to be present with their own abilities to contribute with the success of the day.   We built good relationships between us, and the Spirit of God was felt in the love and service that was shown to the patients and families.

I am missing the trips to the mountains to see patients with our own team, but God has protected the small villages from COVID in a very special way.  It is safe now to restart the plan of going to remote villages and our hearts are full of joy that the Lord has allowed us to keep working in the middle of the pandemic.  His protection and provision has been over the ministry every day.

Please pray for us as we go to serve the people in need. God bless,

Luz Elena