Update from San Pedro

Hello everyone. I would like to share with you an update about the clinic, San Pedro and the surrounding areas.


There was a real tragedy in San Marcos La Laguna this month. A huge rock fell from up high the mountain and smashed a whole neighborhood killing 4 people in one family. How could we handle the news if our sight is not on eternal life?

Devastating times bring unity and help from everyone. The displaced families have been hosted in different places including a house very close to our clinic, which gave us the opportunity to help them too. The municipality of San Marcos offers kitchen service 3 times a day for all who were affected. The rock has been broken into pieces now and the work of rebuilding has just started with the help of all the people.

Thanks God for the good hearts that comfort the immeasurable pain which is hard to endure otherwise.


Looking forward to assisting the patients with more resources, we have a new bed at the clinic which will allow us to offer short stay if the patient requires few hours follow up. Please pray for the patients that will come to use it, since the relationship in these cases gets to a different level and all are opportunities to better serve.


The boats around the lake have started to give a limited-service and this has allowed us to send the samples of the PAP smears to Panajachel. It is a real joy to see that there is a consciousness of prevention and that a lot of women are caring about their health. Thanks to Alaska Medical Missions for all the supplies we have in stock to do the procedures.


I can only give thanks to God because the fatalities due to COVID this month have decreased significantly. Since our first case in July, we had an average of 13 deaths during August and September while we have had only 2 deaths so far this month. The cases seem to be milder and patients have learned how to handle it at home, not even coming to the clinic. Businesses, restaurants, hotels are open now and churches will very soon. Team sports and such are still limited. We are seeing tourists coming back to town and life trying to go back to normal. We don’t know what is ahead of us, if a second wave is coming or if we got the herd immunity, but there is joy and hope for a better future in all.


Dr. Luz Elena