Well, where has the time gone!  October has come and gone, it is now November!  

Aaaaannnnnddd the question is “ When is the Proyecto Fe Auction”?

You are correct, a year has gone by and you haven’t seen anything about our annual auction!! It’s been a CRAZY 2020 for Proyecto Fe as I am sure it has been for you all.  Covid-19 has changed our lives substantially and one of the changes for Proyecto Fe is that we had to cancel our Annual Action.  It was a very hard decision for us to make because it has always been a blessed time to all get-together, see each other, fellowship, and catch up.  I am not sure if you know this, but the annual auction was our only fundraiser, our sole means of continuing to do God’s work and He has always provided!  Even though we are not having an auction,  Proyecto Fe, its missionaries, and the people of San Pedro La Laguna still need your support.  The method we have chosen to ask for your support is through an online event.   We are calling this our “ Week of Giving “ there will be an online auction and an open time of giving.  It will be a week-long and will start on the 24th of November and end on December 1st.  All of the missionaries and board will be putting together short videos to share with you for the week.  We will be sharing, using the Facebook social media platform.  We hope you enjoy the videos, access the auction and bid, and give if you are felt led to. 
We are all praying for the time we can again travel to Guatemala.  I, for one,  really missed not getting to go to San Pedro la Laguna this past year and at this time we don’t have any mission trips scheduled.  I trust that the Lord has kept all of you safe and will continue to do so.  
Until we can meet again,

Keith Reed