Today is our last full day in San Pedro La Laguna. Yesterday, a small group was able to visit a mountain village called Chaujic. Together, the dentists, Eugene Keller and Tony Oney assisted by Pam and Jackie Oney, were able to pull about 100 teeth that were severely decayed. In addition, Ros Singleton and her assistant, Emily Johnson, were able to see about 30 children for a variety of medical issues. Ros saw a young girl whose mother said she would not eat. After examining her mouth, Tony found that she had 10 teeth that were badly decayed right down to the root and he extracted all 10 of them. She and her mother were very thankful that she would be able to eat again without pain.

Chaujic Pastor Ishmael, his wife, and his daughters were very welcoming and translated for much of the visit. The team said that they definitely felt God’s presence even though it was a long trip with the 5-6 hour travel at both ends. They also said it was a humbling experience because the children and families had very little materially, but spiritually were very rich. The children were so obedient and loving to their families. The team felt that the people of Chaujic gave more to the team than the team gave to them. It was a powerful experience to say the least.

Please pray for us as we say goodbye to the wonderful people of San Pedro tomorrow morning and begin our journey home.

God Bless and thank you for your prayers!

– Kirsten McDaniel

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