Good morning!  

What a blessing to have a great night sleep in San Pedro last night!

Our bus ride was a quiet one yesterday. Although there are beautiful views of mountains, villages, and terraced corn and coffee fields along the way, most everyone took a nap. We had a lovely lunch at Chichoys and a rainy boat ride across the lake (we sat in the enclosed cabin this time).  There was a greeting party from the church and school waiting for us at the dock. After a welcome ceremony at our hotel, we cooked out hot dogs on a fire in the court yard of the school for supper. We spent some time with the children from the school who will be with us on our team this week. 

I think we were all asleep by 9 o’clock last night!  So thankful to the Lord we could rest here. After breakfast this morning we head up the mountain and have construction work scheduled for this afternoon and all day Saturday.  It is a beautiful, sunny morning. 

I will write again on Sunday when we come back to San Pedro for church. 

Until then, thank you so much for all your prayers. So far, everyone is well and ready to get to work after our long travels. 

We have posted a couple pictures on the Grace Christian Schools Facebook page. Please check there for pictures throughout the week. 

I wish you could hear the sounds of roosters, tropical birds, motorcycles, saws, hammers, and children coming from outside my window that tells me we are in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, ready to serve!

Cindy for the team


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