April 2017 – Medical Team – Update # 1

Saturday from Proyecto Fe

Our team awoke to sunny skies and birdsong on our first morning here in San Pedro. A good night’s rest soothed our travel weary minds and left us energized for Set Up day. The Proyecto Fe team greeted us with a wonderful breakfast after which Jim led devotional time. His message reminded us that the Lord will use our talents if we only allow Him; that our relationship with God produces fruit of opportunity more effectively than striving alone.

We were then instructed by the resident doctor and clinic director Luz Elena, who shared some of the historical perspectives and current statistics as a reminder of how important the volunteer work is. It became quickly apparent to me that poverty, superstition and a general lack of access to health care are detrimental factors in this nations struggle to achieve a modern standard of care.

After a quick clean up and planning meeting the team was quickly about the task of organizing the donated supplies and preparing both the medical and dental clinic for the upcoming week of patient care. It was a determined pace set by all involved. We broke for lunch but quickly settled back to our tasks. Many of the volunteers worked diligently at tasks they had just learned while others began completing repairs around the facility. The day sped by but thankfully our team finished before dinner feeling sufficiently prepared for our first patients Monday morning.

Late in the afternoon a few members traveled 20 minutes by boat to tour a local private hospital in hopes of establishing better relationships and one day gaining access to expanded facilities for the volunteer medical providers.

The haze of dusk was setting in as we anxiously awaited the boats return, having worked up quite an appetite in the humid high mountain air. Dinner, just like breakfast, is being served in the school cafeteria by the Proyecto Fe missionaries who seem to work tirelessly balancing the logistics of the ministry and hosting our team. Tonight’s dinner will no doubt be celebratory with an entire day of preparation behind us and a week of great service ahead!

Joshua Walters

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