Dear ACS Parents, Staff and FB fans~we made it to Guatemala!!! It’s TRULY a blessing to be here. God is good!!! The journey was exciting and adventurous. It took us over 36 hours to get here via three long flights, a six hour bus ride, and a ferry ride across the lake in the dark. We were tired, but the welcome at the dock of San Pedro made the long travel worthwhile. At least 100 Colegio Bethel students were at the dock waiting for us and held up a welcome sign and shone their lights on it so that we could read it from the boat while we were docking. They were saying “welcome”, and then hugged and greeted us as we disembarked. The welcoming line seemed endless. The students then carried our luggage and musical instruments to the school—what a welcome, and there were some watery eyes from us.  Pastor Emilio gave a heartwarming speech under the A Dios Sea La Gloria banner and introduced the administration to us. We are excited to be here, and the Colegio Bethel is excited for us to be here as well. Pam fed us a hearty spaghetti meal before we headed to the hotel to rest.

Saturday morning arrived early with lots of sun and heat for our Alaskan bodies (many of whom competed in a track meet four days ago in snow). What a change! Pam fed us an awesome breakfast and gave us a tour of the school and clinic. It was very interesting to see what God has done in the past 25 years at Colegio Bethel. The ACS band practiced for tomorrow’s parade through San Pedro in celebration of Colegio Bethel’s 25 years while the diversificado students put the finishing touches on a model of the school and grounds that they have been working on for the past two weeks. The model is large enough to fill the back of a pickup. Ben and his students did a phenomenal job! Today all were involved in preparation for the “huge” parade that is being held on Sunday to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Mission School-Bethel? Students, parents and the students of Guatemala are all very excited.

Giving God all the Glory.

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