Blog post for Lunes
We were blessed with another sunny day today. We spent the morning at the school. Today was the first day we were able to meet the primaria students (age 3.5 to 6th grade).  We joined them for their morning worship. Pastor Emilio led us in songs (our part was fa la la la la la–we now know Spanish!).  The kids had us join them in a motion song which was fun–lots of action!  After singing and worship, the kids heartily welcomed us with an abundance of hugs, kisses, and holas.  Very heart warming and touching!
We were then separated into work groups. One group painted the trim of the school. Another group began making shoe racks to hold the students’ shoes when they entered the play area.  Another group began making two bike racks. Our mighty welder/electrician and his crew began the prep work needed to fix railings that have rusted holes and broken desks. One group also started a piping project.  We will continue these projects this week and hope to finish them before we leave Colegio Bethel.
After lunch, we boarded our first chicken bus and headed up to Santa Clara. He who has the loudest horn wins!  The view of San Pedro and surrounding villages on Lake Atilan with the towering volcano was absolutely spectacular!  Breathtaking!  Pastor Emilio took us to a church that is being built. It was amazing to hear his story of how his grandmother was the first Christian in Santa Clara and was persecuted and put in prison for teaching the Bible. Because of her faith and evangelism, there are now 63 churches in the mountains by the lake.  Wow!  Glory to God!
Our praise band led worship in the town square. Pastor Emilio preached, and then our concert band and jazz band gave a concert. Alaska was well represented tonight!  We shared the music!  This is the first mission trip our school has taken in its history–may there be many more as we serve our God and give the glory to Him!
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