Another amazing day of grace. First and foremost giving  honor to God for the love and mercy that he bestows upon us. Thank you for the blessings to which we have received and continue to receive. So our day began with the students working on their assigned projects. Students also worked on several special projects in preparation for our very special evening concert at Colegio Bethel. This concert was being held in honor of the students of Colegio Bethel the staff and their families in celebration of the ministries 25th anniversary.

The day began with another great breakfast by Martha and Ruth. These are the hardest working women at the the school, keeping us hydrated and nourished. The cooking staff took very good care of us.

The mission girls were tasked with making cookies and cupcakes to sell at the concert. What a treat!! Jonathan got the lights wired and installed in the open courtyard so that the band could perform. This would be the first outside concert at the school. Students continued to working on welding projects for the bike rack, PVC pipe for the shoe rack, various water connection projects by Mr. Keith and many many more projects. There is no doubt that this is a Projecto fe mission trip of of love. Everyone is pouring their hearts and souls into everything that they are tasked with and all that they do.

After lunch the mission students took an opportunity to do home visits with the children that attend Colegio bethel and their families. We were broken up into groups of five and assigned an interpretator- one the teachers and a guide- one of the students. This was truly an humbling experience. We visited three homes introduced ourselves to the families, got to know them and then took prayer request and any other request and prayed for their families. Most of the students wanted to do this again but there is just not enough time. It was by far a favorite.

We returned to the school for dinner and made preparation for the evening concert. Promptly at seven the doors to the school opened and the concert began. The Colegio Bethel marching band performed first and the band performance was mesmerizing . Several other selective students of the Colegio bethel choir groups performed as well as the teaching and administrative staff. Each group sang giving God the glory! The ACS students played an electrifying concert. Seven songs from the Jazz band and six songs from the concert band.

There was a raffle, auction of items brought from Alaska and popcorn.

It was a very blessed night.

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