Greetings families and friends of Projecto Fe and to our Alaskan families who are supporting us on our mission trip of love. Giving honor to God for another glorious day. The majority of the students are acclimated to the San Pedro weather by now and to all the little critters that come with it. I’ll spare you the details but our Alaskan kids are spoiled. Muy grande bugs!! Several mission kids took pictures to share(smile) so be prepared.

We began our day with a great breakfast. We were remised in our perception of how this trip was going to be, but as Mr. “B”, as he is fondly called here in San Pedro said, we came to serve God first and to assist and help each other in our walk secondly. So to say the very least, we have been spoiled. The staff and the school have opened their arms and hearts very wide. Pamela as she is called in San Pedro has showered us with love and appreciation. for each project that we have taken on, and each one has truly been a labor of love on both sides.

Today the mission kids got an opportunity to play with the kids of Colegio Bethel in the courtyard during recesses. This is a very special treat for all. There is laughter, smiles and giggles. The kids get to see how much we love being here by spending time with them. Many new friendships were made.

After lunch the team made plans for a trip to Santa Clara for an evening concert, but not before a little afternoon shopping. Several of the mission moms took a opportunity to walk to the market to find souvenirs to take home. Most of us wanted to purchase small tokens of gratitude to all of the families that sponsored our students for this amazing trip. We visited the shop of Pamela’s best-friend, Layla. Lots of quesalos were spent there but all of the purchases were blessings to both. The receiver and the giver.

we headed to Santa Clara which is an hour away from San Pedro on the chicken bus. The chicken bus is one of the primary mode of transportation for the villagers. It’s like our people mover with one exception, it has the right of way -ALWAYS!! It also plays chicken on the very narrow streets and wins!!

We were greeted in Santa Clara by Pastor Emilio. His family is originally from Santa Clara and he wanted us to see the new church that is being built there. Their family were the first Christian family there and his grandparents were persecuted for their faith. One day while the men were away, his grandmother was arrested for her Christian teachings and had to have Americans bail his grandmother out of jail. The new church construction site was amazing and is constructed all by hand. No modern conveniences here, just good old hard labor. The church is going to be a blessing to all. It will be the 62 Bethel Church to be built.

We were then taken to the most amazing auditorium we have seen. The Mayan murals were beautiful and are the height of the building. The entire courtyard was beautiful. The concert there was breathtaking. Our students were greeted with thunderous applause and warm smiles.

We returned back to the city late, but jubilated. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing the gospel through music. It’s a universal language.

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