February Team – Awaken Church – Update #2

Day #2

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After a very restful and much needed sleep last night, I awoke fresh and ready for the day.  An hour early since I forgot to set my watch back from Atalanta time.  Oh well, if small things go wrong maybe it will help to keep the big things going right!
We were allowed into the dining area early, pre-arranged with the host the night before, so that we could have devotional time before breakfast.  There was a huge coffee maker filled and hot.  After our devotions we were served hot cereal and then a small omelet with beans and plantains.  Very tasty.
Horhae (I don’t know the correct spelling so sounding it out) was there for us with a truck to carry the totes to the dock.  After loading them, two went with him in the truck and the rest of us walked.  The town was awake but barely, vendors setting up for the day, some tourists walking around, not too much traffic.  The boat was at the dock shortly after we arrived there and the load was transferred quickly.
I am glad we did not cross in the night, as it would have been dark when we started and darker when we got to San Pedro.  The wind blew hard last night and it likely would not have been a pleasant voyage.  More importantly, we would not have been able to enjoy the beauty on all sides of us as we crossed.  We also would not have had a throng of children there to greet us.  That was very heart warming.
After many tearful hellos to old friends and introductions to new ones, we made our way to the hotel.  At the hotel we took time to be greeted by the directors of the school  (I think)  and were introduced again to the children that came to greet us.  We were able to introduce ourselves as well.  We took a little time to put our things in our rooms then headed to the school.  I must say, arriving at the school was a little of a let down.  It was just so quiet and not much going on.  Something felt missing.  It took me until well into the afternoon to remember it was Saturday and no children were there, except those that had a sponsor in our group. I have been told it will be much different Monday!
Pam again had a greeting for us at the school to introduce us to the two men we will be working with during the week on construction issues.  She then put us to work.  While we went about the chores she had given us, we could smell the hamburgers she was cooking us for lunch.  Once they were ready we took time to eat and discuss some more plans for the week.
I was very happy with the work we got done today.  We cleaned out the house, removing desks and chairs and paint supplies and all sort of things that gather there as it is not used at this time to live in.  Some were assigned to go get the totes from the hotel, some to organize tools, some to sort the totes when they arrived, and some to work on the new kids play house.  I was able to drive Pam’s truck through town twice to gather totes, under the guidance of Jorge.
Another wonderful meal for the evening.  Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn.  No one left hungry, that was for sure.  We had some time for devotionals after the meal and planning for Sunday home visits.  Then every one headed back to the hotel.  I was filled with a satisfaction that a lot of work got done even though we only really had half a day today.  I look forward to many more days of productive work but even more to meeting more of the children and spending time with them.  I know we are here to do work for the school but already it seems I am getting more out of it than the school.  I guess that is why some many people return year after year.  As we continue to help build and maintain the school, God is working in us.
P.S. We got word that a volcano went off somewhere between here and Guatemala City.  They closed the airport.  We have had no effect here and all is well.  Just in case you had heard of the eruption and were worried.Day 2-5