Dear brothers from the Proyecto Fe family,

I greet you again, thanking you for the interest you always have for the things that happen here, at Bethel School, in Guatemala. Much of everything that happens here is thanks to your love and support to the children of San Pedro La Laguna.

On this occasion I want to share with you that thanks be to God, at the end of July we celebrated the school’s 28th anniversary.  As always it was something so exciting because we have been able to see God’s constant fidelity.

But on this occasion it was even more special and emotional due to the pleasant presence of the founder and president of Proyecto Fe, our brother Joe LoMonaco, it was a surprise that blessed us as the Bethel family in San Pedro.  This made us remember so many beautiful and special things about how God has ordained our steps and made us remember you also on such a day and occasion set by Him.  God is good, and everything is under His control and rule.

For this same reason I want to specifically thank brother Joe LoMonaco for his vision and obedience to the calling that God confirmed with great blessings over the lives of the Battz Ramirez family and also the lives of so many children, so many families that we are not able to count or value but we will know when we are before our King of kings and Lord of lords.

Thanks be to God because through him we were able to meet many youth, adults and children who in numerous mission teams have come here and who have made many projects a reality for the benefit of this school and our community, by blessing the children you are blessing families, communities and even nations like Guatemala.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

In the same way I thank God for these men and women who, taking time from their busy lives, have accepted the commitment to be part of the Board of Directors of Proyecto Fe.  To those who have left the Board but continue to love us and those who are in the front lineGod bless you and reward you greatly.  And we always thank all of those whoobeying the voice of Goddecided to bless the boys and girls by being their sponsors so that we all together, Colegio Bethel, Proyecto Fe, mission groups and sponsors give a better future to these new generations.

So, with much excitement I share with you that as part of the new anniversary activities we had a cultural night where we crown the new Bethel Princess and we had different and special artistic participation from almost the whole school body. On Saturday the 28th we celebrated our thanksgiving service to God for the 28 years with presentations made by many students and brother Joe’s testimony of how 

God brought him to this place, his story made us laugh and cry. It was so special.  And on Sunday morning we did our parade through the community showing who we are and for the first time in history the founder and president of Project Fe walked with us, making this celebration something special and of much blessing.

Because of this and much more that the Lord has done for us, we can say the words from Samuel the prophet: “Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”

With much love and gratitude, ESTER