There are many times in life that we don’t realize how shortsighted we are.  We get used to see things from our perspective and think that is the way things are.  Sometimes we can’t  see close, sometimes we can’t see far. How surprised we can be when we adjust our sight to the reality of truth.  Then we learn how to see clearly, with details, no more, no less, with the beauty of each individual perspective.
That is what these little kids are seeing now.  A reality that will allow them to learn better, to have less head aches, to be in contact with a world that they had not seen before.
Our dear optometrist, Tom Smith, that came back in April with the medical team had a very busy week.  It seemed that a lot of the kids in the school had some kind of problem.  He saw more than a 120 kids  and so far 45 had gotten lenses for short vision.  He is an example of the continued care that our missionaries have for the children.  He is still working on getting more lenses for the kids with astigmatism that requiere a different kind of prescription.  He has been praying and working hard with donors from China and Alaska to make sure that the kids get what they need, even after the team has been long gone. THANK YOU TOM!!!!

We pray that our spiritual sight will be always aligned with the Word that is the real Light that shows us the true path.