Cornerstone February Team 2020 Update 1

Saturday, February 8.
Today was our first full day with boots on the ground in San Pedro. Our day started early as today we were given a very special treat. Today we went up to a Mountain Village Church and we were gifted with the privilege of watching a Mountain Village Sunday School event.
The entire Cornerstone Team was in awe of the Joy we witnessed that morning and afternoon. I remember seeing one particular girl, maybe 17 at the oldest, and one boy, maybe 20 at the oldest, and the smiles on their faces as they were singing and leading little kids in worship in a language that most of us did not understand, reminded us that heaven is going to be filled with this type of joyous praise to our Savior.
As we returned home and had some night time devotions, Ray lead and pointed us to the beatitudes in Matthew 5. The sheer beauty of these words spoken thousands of years earlier was alive in so many ways in the people we have the privilege of calling brothers and sisters.
As I drifted off to sleep, I was reminded of the finished work of Christ. I was reminded that when I fail to be humble or meek or a peacemaker, I have an intercessor in heaven who one day will bring me, his son, home and no more will I be at war with sin. But I will come into the full rest of my King and be able to enjoy Him forever, singing of the glories of His incredible grace, mercy, and steadfast love hand in hand with my Guatemalan brothers and sisters in Christ.—-

Jonathan Carroll