Dear friends,

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world like nothing ever before. All countries have suffered in one way or another. The consequences are still yet to be fully discovered but clearly the economic impact is being felt worldwide and there is a mourning of so many lost. Some countries are finally emerging from the impact and humankind´s fighting nature, empathy, and perseverance is told in the stories we hear each day. Many are even finding creative ways to celebrate milestones such as graduations. With this news we rejoice.

Guatemala is now in its third month of restrictions and curfews. While our numbers of positive cases seem small in comparison to many other countries, we are challenged on a greater front with extremely poor health care structures. The impact this disease could make on our people, if it were to grow uncontrolled, would be devastating. With these rising numbers and risks to our country our president has implemented two mandatory shutdowns on two different weekends in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Guatemala is a country whose population depends on informal commerce as a means of surviving. This makes staying home difficult, however, with the current restrictions there is no other choice. The tourism that so greatly employs so many people is nonexistent, our field workers and artisans are not able to freely sell their products, executives have experienced the closure of their businesses, employees and tradesmen are laid off. The economy is in a crisis like never before. There is so much need around us and we know that our brothers and sisters in the mountain communities are struggling even more than we are. The government has begun preparing food packages to assist families and implemented a financial aid program. However, the funds are limited so only a small population of people are being reached. Our hearts are burdened for our neighbors, our church family, and the mountain communities we have all served beside together.

Many of you have been contacting us and Proyecto Fe asking how you can help.

In an attempt to aid some of the people in San Pedro, Carla and I gathered local friends and family to raise funds and provide bags of groceries for families in need. We were blessed by this action as were the receiving families and it has sparked hope in our hearts that more will join us in sharing love to our neighbors during this time.

How you can be involved:

Consider making a donation to assist in purchasing food and hygiene items for care packages to be given to our neediest families. Care packages would be assembled and delivered using all required safety precautions.

Pray. We need your prayers and God’s hand to keep us and our community safe.

Share our information with a family member or friend and ask new people to pray for our staff, school, and the people in San Pedro.

Thank you!

Abundant Blessings,

Bernardo & Carla

Proyecto Fe International