The Value of Sponsoring

We talk about sponsorship a lot at Proyecto Fe. 
What sponsorship is really about is relationships, and at Proyecto Fe we invest a lot of time in building relationships.  Sponsorship allows you a unique opportunity to develop a relationship with a student in Guatemala and often, with their family as well.  My introduction to Proyecto Fe began with attending a Proyecto Fe auction and deciding that evening to sponsor a student in Guatemala.  When I began sponsoring Astrid, she was a shy kindergarten student who didn’t truly enjoy school, and yet, this past school year she turned 14 and was on the honor roll and elected the Princess of Bethel School.  My husband, Austin, and I also sponsor Abner, and we have been blessed to go on numerous mission trips over the years and to visit with both our sponsored children and their families.  Each visit to San Pedro La Laguna has grown our relationships, and each letter we send in between trips has sustained our relationships.  Sponsorship through Proyecto Fe not only allows you to give financial assistance for your student to get a high-quality Christian education, but it also allows you the amazing opportunity to encourage and pray for a student in their walk with the Lord, in their education, and in their everyday life challenges.  You can make a difference in the life of a student in Guatemala today.  We consider it a phenomenal blessing and a privilege to be a small part of Astrid and Abner’s lives, and we hope and pray that you too can experience this blessing.

I know many of you are wondering what sponsorship looks like during this COVID-19 season of life, and I am here to tell you sponsorship during this time is still meaningful, and still making an impact with students and their families in Guatemala.  The main difference is that our students are not currently attending school in-person – efforts are being made to make learning material available to them at home. Limited technology is a big handicap in communities like San Pedro, but, I can assure you that the news of being sponsored and cared for from Alaska would be especially valuable to students and their families during these difficult times.  You can visit this link on our website to submit an electronic letter to your sponsor child: .  I know he or she would love to hear from you.

If you do not have a sponsor child and are interested in learning more about sponsorship, you can visit this link: , call our office at (907) 258-0555 or email us at  To see students available for sponsorship, visit .

Overall, please remember that sponsorship is more than just a financial opportunity to give, it is also an opportunity for relationship, connection, and mentorship of a student.  While we are unable to send handwritten letters back and forth from Guatemala right now due to COVID-19, we are still able to send electronic letters back and forth between students and their sponsors (please just keep in mind that due to current limitations and restrictions in Guatemala letters may take longer than usual to go back and forth).  Please continue praying for your sponsor child and their family during this season of difficulty.

All of us at Proyecto Fe thank you for your continued prayers, generosity, and support of God’s ministry in Guatemala during this time.  A Dios Sea La Gloria! To God be the glory! 

Kirsten McDaniel

Proyecto Fe Board Member & Sponsor