This past weekend the 4th, 5th and 6th graders went to camp. On Friday morning, the kids and the teachers met at the dock to take boats to San Juan.
They arrived around 9 am in San Juan, ready for the first day of camp to begin. The day started with presentations of the students in their tribes. The students were split into 8 different tribes with one teacher to lead each tribe. Each tribe had a name, a bible verse, a dance and a motto. The focus of the camp was the based upon the school’s motto for the year which is “I am an agent of the generation of change”. There were speakers who talked about many people in the Bible and people in this world who have made a change. The kids were given ways they can be a change among their generation. The night finished with each tribe  presenting their dances to be judged by a panel of judges and a movie focusing on the theme of the camp. Saturday, the tribes competed against each other in different games. With every competition, the tribes were trying to gain points to be the overall winner of the camp. The games taught the kids to work together as a team. That night everyone dressed up in their best cowboy getup for what was called “The Night of Cowboys”. People were called out to the dance floor to show off their best moves. It was a night filled with laughs and ended with every gathered around a bonfire. Everyone worshiped the Lord together as Pastor Emilio called kids to give their life to Jesus and to declare that they want to serve Him. The kids cried as they opened their hearts. Kids knelt around the fire as they were prayed for by Pastor Emilio. Many kids made the life-changing decision to accept Christ and others declared that they want to grow up a serve the Lord. It was a powerful night. Sunday, the kids were ready to head back home after a fun-filled and life changing experience and learning how they can be a change among their generation.

Please pray that these kids will continue to seek the Lord in all that they do and continue to use all that they learned at camp to be a change in this generation.

We thank you for both the spiritual and economic support for the realization of these activities that are so beneficial to the life of each child.

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