On Friday May 12th, the students of Colegio Bethel celebrated Mother’s Day. At 8am, kids started arriving with their moms or grandmas. Pastor Emilio led everyone in worship and gave a short message on the importance of moms. Each class from pre-school and elementary prepared a performance to honor their mothers. You could feel the excitement from the kids as they performed. After all the classes presented, the kids thanked their moms with a hug and a gift that they had worked on all week in their classes.

In the afternoon, the students from Junior High celebrated their mothers. The afternoon started off with the mothers and the kids singing together. Each grade performed for their moms and gave handmade gifts to their moms as well. Kids expressed their gratefulness for their moms. At the end of each one of these activities Colegio Bethel had a special snack for them and their children giving them a special opportunity to share.  It was a beautiful day of celebrating all the mothers and grandmothers of Colegio Bethel.

To all the mothers out there, we want to say thank you for all of your love, hard work and dedication and hope you had an incredibly blessed Mother’s Day with the ones you love.

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