February 2017 – New Grace Team – Update # 1

We are finally in our rooms in Panajachel. All are ready for a good nights sleep

We left Anchorage around 3:20 pm Alaska time in Friday. Excellent flight to Seattle. Our layover there was a few hours.

New plane bound for Atlanta. Full flight and a little over 4 hours flight time. Almost 4 hours layover in Atlanta.

New plane to Guatemala City. About 3 hours 20 minutes flight time. We are all ready to rest.

Everyone made it through customs and we found Pamela right away. Also Jennifer and her children joined us there. They will stay with us until we reach San Pedro. I hope we made them feel welcome.

Now in the coach for the ride to Pana. Uneventful just long. It is now almost 10:00pm. We have eaten, discussed loose
Plans for the week, and have retired to our rooms. Every member remained in good spirits and I think they are all looking forward to crossing the lake Saturday morning.


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