Due to computer issues, I have fallen behind on the blog.  I’ll try to catch up here.


We have continued our projects these past couple days and even managed to complete a few.  The spare desks and chairs are complete sorted, store, and wrapped up like a Christmas present.  Just missing the bow.  Work on the new mirrors for the 1st floor bathrooms is near complete and should be wrapped up on Thursday.  The new screen door is mounted on the kitchen door.  It’s missing the magnetic latch so it won’t stay closed, but we’ll find the part in Anchorage and get it sent down.  Electrical projects are falling of the list each and sheetrock has been installed.

The work has been slow, but for good reason.  We just can’t pass up the opportunity to interact with the kids.  We have been playing Baske-Soccer.  That’s what I call it any way.  Two soccer games and a basketball game take place on the same court.  I’m never sure who’s on my team, but it doesn’t really matter.  We’re all having a lot a of fun.  Yesterday, some of the girls I was playing with were giving me the hand over hand motion for “traveling”.  Of course I had to argue it a bit just for good measure, but it turns out they were just invite us to play the next day.  We are all really looking forward to recess today.

On Tuesday afternoon, our team got together with the primary teachers.  We paired off, one Alaskan to each teacher.  We then went for a walk and the teachers.  The challenge was to learn about each other over the language barrier.  I spent time with Angelica, the kindergarten teacher.  As I speak almost no Spanish, this was a great challenge; but definitely fun.  At one point I thought she asked me if I liked to walk.  Not my favorite thing to do is what I tried to explain.  Later at dinner, we all talked about what we had learned during our walks.  Turns out she asked me that because I walk fast and we went a long ways.  Others had similar experiences which made for good laughs.  All agreed this was a fun and worthwhile experience.

Wednesday was soup kitchen day.  Heather spent a portion of Tuesday and Wednesday making her special chocolate chip cookies as a an extra treat for dessert.  In the evening we loaded the trucks and headed to the church.  Another wonderful experience.  The turnout was small, but that allowed us to speak too all the guests one on one.  Once again, the food was great.  The soup reminded me of my childhood when we would make turkey soup after the holidays.  The handmade corn tortillas were  heavenly and the homemade picante chili sauce added that extra kick to “cure what ails ya”.

Elizabeth ended our evening by leading our devotional.  She chose to share her experience with a special boy named Bruno that she had bonded with during the week.  That afternoon after school, she had given him a small stuffed bear which he appeared to adore.  Luz Elena explained that Bruno did not come from a Christian family and was even encouraged not to participate in the devotionals at school.  This touched me as I am always amazed how God puts us in the right place at the right time.  I pray the seed that Elizabeth planted grows to bear great fruit with Bruno.


Jim Donner

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