Our time is short and our mission still lays before us.  I’ll admit, the blog hasn’t been my top priority.  But know I sit in the Hotel room, bags packed leave and have a few minutes to reflect.

On Thursday, it was business as usual in the morning.  Devotional, breakfast, and project work broken up by recess with the children.  Cloe, Elizabeth, Alex, and Gabe found time to work on their school work as well.  Some time was even found for some laundry and a little shopping.  All in all, a bit of calm before the storm.

Come Thursday afternoon, work began prepping for the Pizza Night Fund Raiser.  Dough was mixed and left to rise and several crusts were pre-baked before the doors were opened to the public.  Soon the orders were flooding in.  Half the team worked the crowd, taking orders and delivering food and drink.  The rest of us were in the kitchen working in a swirling tornado of heavenly Italian scents and loco amateur American restaurateurs.  The orders came flying in faster than we could fill.  The wait went from a few minutes, to over an hour.  Cracks formed in our team, when the lord shored us up and we persevered till the end.  The results spoke for themselves.  People stopped us on the streets the next day to tell us how good it was.

Friday was our final day of work.  We all scrambled to complete outstanding projects.  I found myself bogged down with router work and setting up a wireless security camera; both of which tested my patience to max.  In the end though, it all appears to work.  Regardless, if I missed anything I’ll have to pass the torch to the next group.  Daniel and Tom finished the mirrors, Dave and Dick worked till the end on the electrical.  Many tasks were completed and we can all be pleased with what we accomplished.

Friday evening, our team had dinner with the school staff.  They sang us songs and served us homemade Tamales made with rice, refried beans, queso fresco, tortillas and bread.   A great treat for a special occasion.  After dinner, each staff spoke with each team member and presented them with a gift.  More tears, more laughter, and hugs and many thanks.

I have certainly felt more blessed than what I could give.  Although my aching bones and tired back are looking forward to home and friends far away, I am already plotting our next trip.  How and when, I do not know, but the fact remains, we will meet again.  If not in Guatemala, then in heaven as brothers and sisters.


Jim Donner

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