February Team – Awaken Church – Update #10

Day #10
Sunday started very early for us.  We had a long day Saturday traveling by boat, then bus to Guatemala city.  We got to bed late and had to leave for the airport by 6am Sunday.  Many of us were sharing bathing facilities so we had to kind of juggle and plan ahead so everyone could get a turn and still be on time.  In our little section of the group we had 5 sharing.  It worked without a hitch.
We loaded Pam’s truck with totes and all the carry-ons that would fit.  Nate and I rode the back of the truck to the airport, with some of the children and women inside with Pam.  The others walked.
The check in process was slow but smooth.  No problems there although we had 18 people to check through.  We said our goodbyes to Pam and thanked her for being such an amazing administrator.  Her task is not easy but she makes it look as if it is.
The flights were flights, what can I say about them?  Being stuck in an aluminum tube for hours at a time is not the most fun to be had.  Although long, they were all uneventful, thank you God.  No mishaps, no delays, no lost luggage.  Our layover times are what made the day really drag.  In LA we had over 2 hours.  That worked out well, allowing us time to move all our totes and personal gear through customs.  We also had time to eat or walk around the shops, depending on individual priorities.  The flight from Guatemala to LA was the longest segment, almost 5 hours.
The lay over in Seattle was the longest.  It was 5 hours plus.  At least it was during the day which allowed for looking in the shops and finding food.  Some of us took the time to sit and debrief our trip.  I think this helped us a lot.  If given the choice I would much prefer debriefing at home and not spending so much time on the ground but this did make it fresh in our minds and gave us a distraction from the wait.
For me, the ride from Seattle to Anchorage was the longest.  It was not the longest by time but just by comfort and mental attitude.  My back was sore, my shoulder was sore, my knee was sore.  I was tired and ready to be done traveling.
Denise was there to meet us at the luggage claim.  That was a pleasant surprise, being such a late hour.  I would have understood if she was not there but it made me, at least, feel that we were just as important to her and ProyectoFe coming home as we were leaving.  It’s the little things that matter most some times.
To sum up my trip in one word AmazingAdventureHeartRendingRelationshipBuildingGodFilledLifeChangingEvent.  I would go back tomorrow.
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