February Team – Awaken Church – Update #9

Day #9
This morning we left San Pedro.  It was an emotional time for me.  I woke early and showered and sat out on the steps waiting for the others.  Kevin also was up early so we informed Tom we were heading up to the school early to get some last minute things done.  Kevin was working on the propane, I believe, and I was giving the computer one last try.  I hope he had better luck.  I have been able to install the software and hook the hardware up to the computer.  There is a password that has to be entered and we thought we found what it was.  It did not work in any way or form I tried.  I finally gave it up and left it for another.  My time was up.
Day 9-3
We had yet another wonderful meal.  All the food I was served while in San Pedro was excellent.  I was never hungry but could always eat when it was time.  At home I would be snacking all day and evening.  Not here.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner was all I needed.  I could buy snacks around town if I wanted but being busy you just don’t need it.
I was able to meet with the mother of the child my wife and I will sponsor.  Since Karen and Tom are sponsoring the older brother and Angela is sponsoring the older sister, we all met together in their home to discuss it.
Before I left Anchorage, my wife and I discussed the issue and decided if I found a child to go ahead.  I think my child found me. I was worried I would choose based on cuteness or something superficial when given a chance.  But that is not what happened.  As I stated in a previous post, I saw this boy that had only one juggling ball and thought that was not right.  How do you juggle with just one ball.  I bought him two more.  It was not until later I found out that he was in need of a sponsor and it just seemed like he was a wonderful choice.  Since my sister was going to sponsor a sibling and our new friend on the team was taking the other child, it just all came together.
We each took our turn speaking with the mother.  When it was my turn, I told her I knew about her story and the need for the children.  I then asked my sponsor child if he would accept me as a sponsor.  He thankfully did.  I thought it was rude to just say, “Hey, I am your sponsor now.”  I wanted to give the choice to him.  We were both very happy.  When I asked, “if I write to you would you write back poco?”  He shook his head and said “mucho!”
We left shortly after to head to the boat and cross the lake.  While on the lake, we noticed that we could see the volcano that had erupted earlier in the week was spewing steam or ash.  After a bit we decided it was our imagination and that it was just a cloud that had blown by and at that moment looked like steam.  But a little while later I was looking at the top of the mountain and it again spewed a large cloud.  It did it three times as we crossed.  Someone said it was just like being on National Geographic.
Day 9-7
We spent a few hours shopping it the town once we docked.  Then on to the bus for the long ride up the hill and on to Guatemala City.  We made one stop along the way for a rest and ice cream or a snack, then back on the bus.  It was a long trip but it was beautiful while in the country.  It got colder as we approached the city and the bus was chilly.
Once in the city, we stopped at a restaurant Pam had picked for us and had dinner.  Yet again, wonderful.  We talked and laughed and shared pictures.  As it was getting late and we knew it was an early morning, we chose to end it and head for the hostel for our last night in Guatemala.  We leave for the airport at 6 am.
I guess this will be the last post from here.  I will give one last update when we get home to Anchorage.  We left one member in San Pedro, as she is from Guatemala and was going to go visit her family for a few weeks.  Two more families will leave us in LA to spend some time there.  And one member will fly back to Washington DC.  So, our group will get smaller as we travel home.  I just wish the flights would get smaller too.  Although I am sad to leave new friends behind, I am looking forward to being with my wife again and with my friends at home and back at my church.  Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.
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