February Team – Cornerstone Church – Update #2

Monday morning we had praise worship with the elementary age children.
It was so wonderful to see little children praise the Lord with open arms!
In the afternoon we joined with the junior high kids as they had bible study.
We met with Pastor Emilio that night and he taught us about the Mayan culture. We had dinner and went to bed early because we were headed to the mountain churches at 5 am Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning we rose early and headed up to visit three churches in the mountains that Cornerstone Church was instrumental in helping get started.
It was so humbling to meet the pastors of each church. None of these pastor receive a salary but are trusting in the Lord to provide materials to finish the churches and to provide for each of their families.  Landen, who is the youngest in our group, brought necklaces and balloons to pass out to the children. He made many new friends in the mountain villages! It was a full day…. we stopped for a late lunch on the way home and got back to San Pedro around 10 pm. While visiting the village churches during prayer time the congregation cried out their petitions to the Lord. We were all so touched.

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