February Team – Cornerstone Church – Update #3

Today (Wednesday) we worked around the school on various projects. Some are working on the house Pam will be living in and some worked in the kitchen. Chad worked in the computer room solo rewiring all the cords so they are not in the way and look orderly.
Hannah is doing some drawings that will be blown up using a projector that will be used at the school.
In the afternoon some of us headed up to the church where they have a soup kitchen every other week. We made the soup in the kitchen there while some ladies from the church made tortillas. Part of the team got to carry the corn down to the grinder which was about half a block away from the church. It was interesting to see how they are made from scratch, shelled corn to hot tortilla. The rest of the team went and picked up families truckload after truckload with Pam. It was so much fun to work and serve with the ladies that volunteered. They are happy and joyful in the Lord! They stood and made tortillas for 4 hours having the best time laughing,and telling stories..It was amazing… We served around 180 people that night. The youngin’s on our trip who are Landen who is 11, Hannah and Haley who are both 16 made many new friends with most of the children who came to eat.We were blessed beyond measure!
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