Grace Guatemala Team 2019 Update 5

Another day, another greetings from Guatemala.  Today, Thursday, started as ordinary day.  We woke at 6:00 to be ready for breakfast at 7:00.  

We continued our work on the expansion project moving dirt, rocks and digging holes.  We do this every day until 10:30, when we stop to learn songs for the next VBS that afternoon.  Tom Pargeter has stayed on the project site until early afternoon most days, putting his energy into the construction project.  His work and camaraderie has been a welcomed joy to the Chuajij construction workers, as well as Tom.  Mrs. Mixan has been an invaluable team member with her ability to help translate at times when needed, either on the construction site, or with the VBS mines and the kids. 

We also continued to take turns making tortillas, washing clothes, and picking coffee like the locals.  VBS continues to draw the children, as well as the American candy we hand out at the end for all that attend. 

After VBS was over, we were treated to a little cake, and we all piled into a ‘cattle’ truck for a small ride into the city, where a surprise trip to a soccer field got everyone playing against each other and having a great time.  After about an hour, we returned to the church to find that Pam had managed to organize a thanksgiving dinner for us, complete with mashed potatoes, turkey and corn.  We reminisced of thanksgiving traditions we typically have in our households back home, and how glad we were to have enjoyed a little food from a holiday we are missing. 

We ended the day again with devotions, but were more focused on changes that we feel the Lord may be impressing upon ourselves in regards to our prayer life.  Some shared thoughts on how the Lord is revealing changes in priority in regards to prayer, some in regards to consistency or making their prayers more specific.  We again closed the night with small three-person group prayer, and the transparency between the youth continues to grow.  

Our week is slowly coming to an end, and it will be interesting to see how the group responds to the departure from Chuajij, and ultimately, our primary mission in Guatemala. 

From the Mission team, we send you our love and joy in Christ!

-The Guatemala mission team.