June 2019 – Wellspring Team – Last Update

Hola Amigos!

This morning the students at the school made special presentations to us for over an hour…songs and skits and readings and lots and lots of hugs. They expressed thanks, in very moving ways for our presence and our work. 

The team spent the rest of the day, other than meals, working hard at getting ready for family fun festival tomorrow. Evin and Katelyn baked lots and did kitchen prep. Others finished building games. A thunderstorm hit about 7pm while we were still setting up, but it quickly passed. Knocked power out for a little while, but that’s no big deal for San Pedro. The highlight of the day was at about 8pm with the testing of the state dunk tank, which Titus and Trevor gladly participated in. We enjoyed soaking them. 🙂

I spent the day in prayer ministry sessions with adults and students, and meeting with some leaders here with the help of Nevi our interpreter. 

Tomorrow is the big day. Festival starts at 9am. Pray for our team to represent the Kingdom in helping the kids have a great day. All of our team is feeling well. Sicknesses among the Guatemalan leaders are much better. Our Alaska team members are all in good health.

Thanks for your prayers.

Pastor Pat Hadley

(A look at the Family Fun Festival the following day the blog was written)