June 2019 – Wellspring Team – Update #5

Hello friends!

Today and yesterday were super hot, super busy days for our team. Preparing for this family fun festival is a big job! The team has worked very hard. Kitchen crew has cut and prepared frozen bananas, strawberries and pineapple. Today they baked a bunch of cakes. Another team has been preparing posters and signs and counting tickets. Another has been building games, including a giant slingshot, a tight rope, a giant connect four game, and others. We also planted trees in the playground (more digging), and in between enjoyed presentations and devotions from various teachers and leaders from San Pedro. 

The Team health is good, just hot and tired. The boys (except for Evin) actually were in bed by 9am (Praise God for that miracle!). Monica is feeling much better, but Pam and Bernardo, a couple of our Guatemalan missionaries have been battling a virus with fever, sinus pressure and cough, so please pray for them. 

I’m very proud at how everyone is working very hard and together. Pray that our Father makes the physical work translate into spiritual truths that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I believe they are somewhat shocked at the relative poverty of the beautiful people we are serving.


Pastor Pat Hadley