Wednesday was one of my favorite days here in Guatemala. The day started out like it always had, we ate breakfast that was made by the wonderful cooks. I’m amazed each day just how hard everyone works at the school and how much they truly care about each other. Then we attended the Princess Candidate Election, it was very interesting to watch. It was cool seeing all the talents the girls had and the traditional dances they performed for us. It was funny to see how even though these children speak a different language and were raised in such a different environment than any of us were raised in they were just as restless and talkative during this ceremony as any kid back home would have been. Just because we grew up differently does not mean we are not the same in some aspects. After that we finally got the opportunity to hang out with the children and it was nothing like I expected it to be. I thought the language barrier would have showed more of a problem but quickly I realized that wasn’t true. The kids just wanted to be around us and play and show us their school. We would communicate the best that we could and so would the children but it didn’t matter that we couldn’t exactly speak to them, it only mattered that we were there spending time with them. We sat in the classrooms and didn’t really get anything done academically but I don’t think that was the point in being there. We only spent a short time in the classroom and then went up to have snack with them. It was moving to see just how thankful they were towards the cooks and their teachers during snack time. Once everyone was done with their food we all rushed down stairs to play outside. That was my favorite part. Some kids were playing soccer and football, some were playing house and some were just running around playing tag. It was Beautiful to watch the kids play and see the joy on their faces during it. After we said goodbye to the children for the day we started laying out the carnival games for the teachers to see and try out. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them but they seemed very impressed with all our hard work and how everything turned out. I feel like our group was really proud of what we accomplished also. Once we set everything back in the holding area we had dinner and talked about how our time was and reflected on where we saw God that day. A lot of people said how they saw God in Pam every single day and how they saw God every time the children were singing and worshipping The Lord. I didn’t expect this trip to be such a blessing for myself personally, I thought we were just going to serve and work for the people here but I feel like they helped and blessed us so much more than we ever could have done for them.

-Megan Harder

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