Our team consisted of 17 people, 14 of whom aren’t old enough to vote. Grace Christian School has sent an annual team to Guatemala through Proyecto Fe for the last 12 years. We work on two missions during our time there – a construction or work project, and a week of VBS for local children.

Proyecto Fe is a very special organization because of the direct connection that it has created. It is a partnership between two very specific regions: southcentral Alaska, and Lake Atitlan. Each team that goes to Guatemala through Proyecto Fe interacts with the same community in San Pedro and the surrounding villages. Talking to the missionaries in San Pedro, they mention the names of other people who have come to serve and it isn’t unusual to know them from your local church. The same thing is true when talking with friends in Alaska who have served with Proyecto Fe. We smile and talk about Colegio Bethel, or Pamela and Pastor Emilio.  There is a shared experience of service that is very rich.


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