Let’s share Jesus this Christmas

Since I am the Doctor and Overseer of the Proyecto Fe Medical Clinic in San Pedro, I usually write something about the clinic or some medical experiences I have had recently, but this time I am moved to tell you about a different kind of “Medicine”; “Medicine for the Soul” … Compassion and love displayed by providing some simple physical needs of the Poor at Christmas time.  

From the day I came to San Pedro, I have longed for a group to share our life experiences and to work for the people in need in the community.  Not long ago, in a casual conversation, we ended creating a small group that meets at my house on Fridays. It has been a very sweet experience to see how The Lord gives us the desires of our hearts and calls us wherever we are to put our lives together for His cause. 

Christmas is around the corner and it is hard to realize that there so many families that can´t even have a special dinner and that their eyes can´t see any change in the future.  Their faith definitively sustains them in the middle of earthly hopelessness and life continues by the grace of God. 

Our group, “Amigos por Jesús”, is planning a Christmas Celebration for 10 families in need with a meal at a restaurant where we will be serving them, they will get personal gifts, water filters, as well as a special gift that will help with the family´s economy. It is our desire to share the gospel with them throughout the year while we visit and care about their needs.  Our hearts are touched in a special way because we have understood that we can´t be in peace knowing that our brothers and sisters need to know the good news of Jesus urgently and His love shown with a warm meal or a caring hand. 

It is always good to see how God has given us ways to take care of our health with meds, prevention and follow ups but can´t be compared with how God Himself takes care of our souls, with the medication of His love, the prevention through His Word and the follow up with our prayer time in His presence.

Please let me introduce you the authors of this new endeavor.  If you want to participate please click the following link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nx_-idHGBbYQhs0v-MSqWSEvdtbVZMjS

It is my desire that this Christmas will be very special in your life bringing you the desires of your heart. 

With love in Jesus Christ, 

Luz Elena. 

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