Letter from Dr. Luz Elena


I can’t believe it has been 7 years since I moved to Guatemala.  The fascination of it’s scenery, people and culture that captivated my heart on my first trip is still pounding in my chest.  I have learned so much about what surrendering means, humility, trusting God in every way imaginable. I have seen the mercy of God  through serving and loving the patients, traveling to distant villages with some relief meds and most important through sharing the love of God with the precious people we serve as a ministry.

I am loving studying the Old Testament and have learned about the Sabbatical year. I can not imagine what it would be like to have a Sabbatical year, but I don’t think I would use it to rest, there is so much to do at these end times we get to live.  

On the seventh year (the Sabbatical year) the Lord promises to provide for all our needs in a special way and, indeed, my 7th year here has been very special to me!

Thanks to all of you who donate to Proyecto Fe, we have had different ways to go beyond  the clinic  into the community.   We have seen more than 2 thousand patients so far this year locally and in other villages.  The number increases  every year and soon we would need  to expand  according to the need. The dental clinic worked for few months this year  and we expect to be able to open it again next year.  Through the Adopt A Patient program we have been able to help those patients in need of further evaluation through labs, imaging or specialists consultations and procedures that would have not been done otherwise. We help with their transportation back and forth to the city, and not only for the patients of San Pedro but also from the remote villages.

I give thanks to God for allowing me to be a bridge between you and Amigos por Jesús, a ministry formed by committed believers, that looks to help those who we find in our path with greater needs, by becoming friends with them and providing for a way to increase their income or improving their basic needs.  We have donated  chicken coops, stoves and stoves for making tortillas, sewing workshops and sewing machines, helped with improving 3 houses for better living, beds, food baskets, fruit stand for business.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support I receive from you and I give thanks to The Lord every day for being alive in our hearts and making us one to proclaim the good news of our Savior. 

Dr. Luz Elena