Letter from Pastor Emilio

Emilio speaks into microphone


A cordial greeting to our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in Alaska and across the USA.

For a long time, I have had this feeling of gratitude towards all of you, but especially to Cornerstone Church, because for so many years they have financially supported and have sent materials down for our pastoral trainings.

I would like to express to you how each one of our pastors value your effort, happily share with others about the experiences they have during the training and are deeply grateful for your contribution.

With God’s help, we try to respond to their basic needs about the knowledge of the Word and we seek to improve the quality of the person and the projection of the church towards its community, all that with no cost for our Mission Bethel pastors who do not have to go to other places to receive training because we can provide for it. Proyecto Fe makes it possible for these pastors who may not be able to keep up with the level of the conference offered by other organizations and the cost of being able to attend.

It is our prayer that the Lord bless you, reward you and multiply you for what you have done, what you do and what you will do for us.

I would also like to say thank you in advance for the support already offered by Cornerstone Church for 2023. May the Lord bless you greatly.

Pastor Emilio Battz