During my practicum year, in a village called San Jose Chacaya, deliveries become a frequent consult at the Health Center. This is a village with a high natality rate! I am writing to you  about a baby boy who was born recently. His parents had no clothing for him and simply wrapped him in a hand woven cloth, not at all soft or sanitary.  He was clothed with  his brother’s who was 2 year old. It’s heart wrenching, but is the norm in these poor remote villages.

Every time a baby is born we experience the miracle of life in its majesty! The pain and anguish is gone before the presence of a new life that has been given to us to protect and nourish. In every culture, the joy of the new life fills the hearts and lives of everyone in the family and we give everything we have to make them comfortable.

The preparation for this event varies accordingly to the culture, finances and personal expectations. Some would prepare themselves even before getting pregnant and others are caught on the day with nothing in their hands. Some cultures imagine all kind of possible future situations that may occur and for what they need to be ready; others live day to day without stressing about the future. Somehow, everything will be ok, by God’s Grace!!

For the baby it is the same to have a t-shirt of his brother who is 2 years old than a brand new size-0 t-shirt, or to have a towel to be wrapped in rather than a nice cozy antiallergenic blanket. Comfort is measured by our provision possibilities. What is best? A crib, a mattress, a table or a manger? What is important is the love and how we can share with the ones in need some of the comfort that we have for ourselves. They will receive it with love from a loving bother or sister in Christ from the other side of the world!

Thank you very much for collecting baby clothes for these Health Centers! And thank you for sharing your comfort with others in need.

With Love in Jesus Christ,
Luz Elena Falla