As part of the academic training of the students in the science class and following the initiative of the Guatemalan Education Ministry, to spread and awake the interest of the students in the field of the scientific investigation, Colegio Bethel, Basico level, presented the proposal to participate in the activities of the week from May 23rd to the 27th , the science teachers of the 7th and 8th grade did ornamental projects, this projects made from recycling materials such as aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, etc., giving as a result: jewelry boxes, baskets, fans and bags.


9th grade presented 2 experiments following the scientific method, the group was divided in two groups, one was focused in the robotics area, they did a robot made out of CD’s, the robot follows the light.


The second group of students focused in wind power as source of power of the night light, this team made a lamp that uses wind power as energy source to light a segment of the basketball court at Colegio Bethel.


The presentation was a success, we give thanks to God for the science and physics teachers for the effort and dedication and for the enthusiasm and hard work that the students of the different classes showed in this type of projects, which encourage critical thinking and creativity.  We hope to continue to support this type of projects so they have a significant learning experience in the academic area.


Jorge and Veronica Ramirez

Basico level principals