March 2017 – Spring Break Team – Update # 2

So much to share….. WOW is probably the best way to describe Sunday and Monday to date.  So many amazing experiences to try and relay, with that said we will highlight some of the amazing experiences. To start, let us mention how kind, humble and inspirational all of the children, the school leaders and their families have been.   Their love for humanity and love for the Lord are never a question.  They love strongly and deeply.  We have been welcomed with open arms, many hugs and kisses.  We can already tell leaving will be bitter sweet.  A bond starts the moment you arrive on the dock.

Sunday– Sunday was a very busy day for us.  Although it was the day of the Lord (rest) we found ourselves physically and emotional exhausted by the evening.  In the early afternoon the group had the opportunity to see the local Sunday market.   We saw everything from amazing looking fruit, flee market type items, local pottery and live chickens prepared. We walked around and took in the sights and smells. We had the opportunity to break up into groups of 3 and do “home visits.” Home visits are pre-arranged visits to the homes of a student (each student receives one visit a year). We followed our local guides and with translators, we followed, sometimes walking MANY miles uphill until we reached the home.  We were welcomed with open arms into their homes, got to know them, learn about their child, trials and triumphs. We cried, we laughed, we all prayed and we loved.  Many stories and many hardships shared.  Emotion was drawn out of all of us.  It was so good and healthy for our spiritual hearts to have these experiences.

Church service was the next big event on our agenda. Church is very important to the people of San Pedro.  We all washed up and headed up to church in a, yes a vehicle.  What an incredible site to see the locals in their beautiful colored dresses and kids hair in perfect place.  They are passionate about taking time for God.  Their service is around 2 ½ hours and there were many songs.  We got the amazing opportunity to get up on stage to sing in English and then they sang to the words projected for them in Spanish to sing. We ALL sang the best we could in Spanish, everyone appeared to be into the shared song.

By the time we get back to the hotel we are wiped out. Completely humbled and excited to see what the next day will bring.

Monday– We were greeted by the children, all spiffy in there white pressed shirts and stark white knee high socks. There was song, prayer and introduction to every child in the school.  Truly heartwarming was the children engaged fully in the song “To God be the Glory”. All of the children’s eyes were pierced shut, truly and passionately praying. Seeing the young children understanding the importance of prayer was the perfect start to the day. Some of the children in our group joined the children in school.   This was an eye opener, our children cannot wait for another day of local school!

Projects began…… some shucked corn, some loaded concrete in bags to the dump and then attempted to walk a half a mile into the mountains and haul top soil out for the “revised” courtyard back at the school. Every team member participated- youngest to oldest.  The team work was at a level most have never seen.

We start off each day and end each evening with a devotion and reflection. We share with one another the high and the low points.  The team is truly growing alongside each other.  We are fed very well at the school daily, breakfast lunch and dinner.  Every meal is remarkable!  We have safe drinking water at the school and know who is cooking our food.  We know we will be begging for some recipes when we leave.

Amy and Kory.

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