Buenos dias from Colegio Bethel.  We are getting so much done and being blessed by our work. After feeling our manual labor this morning from yesterday, we had a phenomenal breakfast once again.  Our devotion time was precious to our hearts and was just what we needed.  Our team is unified and connected in ways that are blessing one another.  God’s provisions are in such abundance here.

Tuesday has brought us tremendous blessing to the kitchen staff all the way to the court yard. Some were able to serve snack to the elementary students. Their innocent smiles and excitement to see us brought great joy. The courtyard is coming together beautifully.  Today’s work was not as labor intensive as yesterdays, which brought us great relief for the day.

After lunch we were presented with a fun activity to be part of the first spelling, math, and bible bee competition. Our team competed with the amazing teachers. Everyone was VERY nervous on just how well they would perform. Everyone did marvelous! The kiddos made it to the last rounds, beating out the parents.

We had the pleasure of each seeing a teachers home and meeting their family. The staff here have such a heart for not only the students, but for the ministry that supports them. We are looking forward to what God has for us to complete tomorrow!

Hasta Manana- Amy and Kory


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